A catalogue is available showing more details of the fans I make.
Inside you will find details of standard size fansticks together
with prices.  The standard sticks are those which match up with
Springiest, Ann Keller and Snowgoose fan patterns

For your catalogue please send International Reply Coupon(s)
(one for Europe or Two for countries outside the E

Malcolm Cox,
Thormanby Road,
Co. Dublin,
Rep. of  Ireland.

Other Work Carried Out

A 'Mounting Service' is provided if required.
Restoration of antique fansticks using traditional methods

'Dolls' FANSTICKS available made from 'alt' M.O.P.
Two sizes available- 1.75" (45mm) & 2.3" (60mm) from the pivot.
Each of these sizes has 6 wooden inner sticks.

For further information please email me for details.

Thank your for taking the time to read this Web site.
Perhaps it will stimulate interest in making yourself a
fan, as it is now possible to get sticks made to any size
and design you require.  I hope to hear from you soon,


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