1.  Send me a 'true to size' photocopy of your
      fan leaf or your pricking pattern.

2.  Tell me the size and colour of threads you
      have used or are using in the leaf.

3.  Indicate if you want carved or painted sticks

1.  Prepare a full size drawing of the fansticks showing the
      correct number of inner sticks to suit the design of the fan.

2.  Included in the drawing will be details of carving, painting or
      embellishments you may require.

3.  Write a letter indicating different options available together
      with prices.

4.  In this letter will be conditions of payment, an Order Form
      and delivery schedule.

6.  Return the Order Form to me together with either the full amount
      or a deposit.  Please put an email, phone no. or fax no. on
      the form to allow for any queries to be answered speedily

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