In my opinion 'alternative' Ivory is the material
which gives the best results and clarity of painting.
The stems of inner sticks can also be painted to
give some stunning effects.  The design potential is
endless and somewhat dictated by the reasons for
commissioning painted fansticks.  Such occasions as
Weddings, Anniversaries, Births, Special Occasions,
etc. I have engaged the services of two well known
miniature artists but if you want your favourite bobbin
painter to paint your sticks; it can be arranged.
The combination of the skills of the fan maker,
and the artist results in a fan of high distinction.
If this is of interest; give me an idea of the
painting you require, the artist you wish to paint
the sticks and I will contact them for a quotation.
This will then be added to the cost of the sticks
I have designed for your fan leaf.

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